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    Dixon Chen Online To-Do’S Dixon Chen is a graduate of Jimei University taking up Bachelor of Finance, Tax and Finance from 1997 to 2001, and passed the exams, he immediately worked as an accountant at Xiamen Foda Limited for 6 months, from January 2011 to June 2001. By 2002, he is already a senior accountant because he has seen to have quality work atop others. He then became the finance administrator of the business soon. On October 2002, he was offered a better job to work as the Senior Accountant or Assistant to the FD. He assisted the FD with the finance management, as well as the related reporting to the headquarters located in China for over 6 years. After sometime, he succeeded as the Finance Director for Sinoprima Investment and Manufacturing. In no time, Dixon Chen immediately rose to Finance Manager and his duties now include auditing, evaluating and so much more he could dream of. All the dedication and commitment he puts to work has greatly improved him as a team player but even more as a leader because he eventually rise as the general accountant for the Wuming Poly Mining very soon. See Dixon Chen Dixon Chen SiteUnderstanding the aspects of finance as like below is Dixon Chen’s greatest asset:* Capital Expenditures – Purchasing assets in order to create income. Also, he comprehends with the need to search and create a plan before one should start spending. * Operating Cash – It is very important to manage the cash flow in order to have enough money to pay the entire expenses of the company. This means that the company should be receiving as well as paying its own bills and dues to ensure better business in the future.business marketing* Lowering Expenses – Decreasing the expenditure where applicable is an important thing in finance management and Dixon Chen knows this best. * Tax Planning – Dixon Chen knows how well taxes goes and makes sure that he is able to ensure that the company settles it on time. Not worrying about taxes all the time is a good finance management style that Dixon Chen is accustomed to. Known for his enviable skills in leadership and communication, Dixon Chen is definitely a man to trust when it comes to finance management. He is capable of stepping out of the traditional boxes to which finance is most commonly consigned. Dixon Chen Content Follow Dixon ChenAnalysis and insightAnalytical skills as sharp as a razor are one of the top 7 qualities that Dixon Cheng possess as a finance manager. He simply has the eye that will immediately recognize any mistake or errors. He is really good in what he does and his results can validate all this. business marketingInterpersonal skillsInterpersonal skill is among the things that separate Dixon Chen from the rest of those in the same field as he is in. He is not confined to a single specialization but is knowledgeable in almost everything that he works on. He is able to put himself in other individual’s shoes, seeing their points of view, and reframing a discussion accordingly. ImprovementHaving insight is very important in improvement. Dixon Chen is definitely equipped with this. He is relentless in his pursuit of ways in operating the business more effectively and efficiently.Get the facts Check Out Your URLLeadershipDixon Chen is one of those leaders who can actually lead his team from example. Cheng understands the objectives of the organization and is able to nurture team talent to advance the goal of company. He is not just a leader by example but also a resource person and director of his people.Solutions-orientedDixon Chen has a mindset that is set to provide solutions than linger on the problems which is basically among the values that a leader should have. A true leader does not see barriers but he/she sees opportunities. He has his flexibility to thank for in his success.PrioritizationThe finance world is filled with rigid deadlines. He always make sure that meeting deadlines is not the priority but going beyond is.