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    Dixon Chen News 101 Dixon Chen immediately got a job with Xiamen Foda Limited as its accountant after he graduated with a degree in Finance from Jimei Unversity. By 2002, he is already a senior accountant because he has seen to have quality work atop others. He then became the finance administrator of the business soon. On October 2002, he was offered a better job to work as the Senior Accountant or Assistant to the FD. He assisted the FD with the finance management, as well as the related reporting to the headquarters located in China for over 6 years. After sometime, he succeeded as the Finance Director for Sinoprima Investment and Manufacturing. A few months later, Dixon got another job at his current company as the Finance Manager, responsible for the entire overseas finance operation offices, which includes the control and audit, related reporting, accounting, asset evaluation, project financing, new business contracting, and many more. All his hard work and patience eventually paid off when he became the General Accountant for Wuming Poly Mining. Check This Out Suitable Dixon Chen Info:* Capital Expenditures – Dixon Chen understands that one need to capitalize to earn. Also, he comprehends with the need to search and create a plan before one should start spending. * Operating Cash – The cash of the company is the most important thing when taking risks. This means that the company should be receiving as well as paying its own bills and dues to ensure better business in the future.business marketing* Lowering Expenses – Dixon Chen is a very effective manager of finance because he knows how to lower expenditures without affecting the total result of the backslash. * Tax Planning – Planning for taxes are also important in financial management. This involves ensuring cash on hand in order to pay the estimated payments on tax each quarter as well as timing the purchases of the major assets in order to receive the maximum benefits. Dixon Cheng is a strong communicator, which is one of the major reasons why he reached the top as a finance professional, offering his analysis and insights in a way that is solutions-focused. He is capable of stepping out of the traditional boxes to which finance is most commonly consigned. Learn More Here check thisAnalysis and insightAnalytical skills as sharp as a razor are one of the top 7 qualities that Dixon Cheng possess as a finance manager. His eye for details when it comes to his work is definitely atop others. He is really good in what he does and his results can validate all this. business marketingInterpersonal skillsAs one of the best people in the finance industry, he possesses great interpersonal skills. He is capable of transcending his normal role, interacting cross-functionally with people and many other departments. He can put himself in everyone else’s shoes, making him the best to communicate with in times of setbacks as well as ideas. ImprovementImprovement will require a lot of things, including the ability of the employee to have that foresight to ensure that he or she will be able to provide solutions in times of problems. Dixon Chen is definitely equipped with this. His pursuit to excellence is relentless so there is nothing to stop him to improve himself and his craft.Honored Dixon Chen Sites Dixon Chen NewsLeadershipA true leader in the industry does not only lead from the front, but, just like Cheng, they are also right there in the trenches with their troop. He understands the objectives and the expectation and he is able to communicate all of these to ensure that everyone is informed of the goal. He coaches and mentors his team so as for them to be able to stand firm and decide on their own when the need arises.Solutions-orientedA mindset that focused on solutions, instead of focusing on the problems, is one of the qualities that all the top financial minds have, and Dixon Cheng possesses it as well. He is not afraid to go out and talk to his people about the goals of their company and the expectations that he has from them. He is also flexible which allows him to be able to try and test the best solution from a set of many.PrioritizationDixon Chen welcomes all the deadlines that makes his work a lot more exhilarating and enjoyable. He does not only meet those deadlines, but he is setting priorities and creating action plans, which makes sense for all the involved parties – multitasker.